One Man's Point of View        (Nov 09-Dec 09)
by Darryl E. McCullough
I love sharing my thoughts with ones who choose to listen.  Here is another article that is hot off the press and very appropraite during these times.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping!
We All Fall Down vs. the “Good For ’em” Philosophy

November 09
December 09

We All Fall Down vs. the “Good For ’em” Philosophy
Many childhood fables, bedtime stories and nursery rhymes had the best intentions, however the worst non-childlike themes.  A boy falling down breaking his crown, grand mothers being eaten up and one even was rumored to speak of the Bubonic plague.  "Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies.  Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!"  I remember singing this nursery rhyme and the fun we had when we would all drop to the floor as we yelled, "We all fall down!"  If one child was left standing, they were put out and we started singing the song again until the very last person.  They alone were the most alert, and quickest on and off their feet.
This joyful game even with its subliminal messages can be related to modern life as well.   Our being alert and quick on and off our feet may help guard us from all the various distracting temptations in life.  How none of us is perfect and we all can be enticed to its many pleasures even when under the commitment of marriage.
Unfaithfulness has been around since the beginning of time.  Man has always wanted more than what he had.  He has always thought that there was something better out there, especially if it was someone else's.  With all this cheating going on it’s a wonder that many people aren't professionals at this trade, but alas almost everyday someone gets caught and proves the "We all fall down" philosophy to be true.  The latest "Crap" shooter getting mass attention for his multiple "transgressions" is the golf billionaire in training Tiger Woods.    
We have all heard the voicemails and read the sex texting.  We have all heard the jokes and various skits showing his battered Cadillac Escalade which coincides with his face from his alleged marital beat down!  You want to laugh when a guy gets caught with his “pants down” so to speak, but many try to not snicker too hard.   For you hate to see a member of the team "Bite the Dust," in essence "Fall Down."  Furthermore, as my uncle always says, "All dumb stuff has a due date."  So cheating would be labeled as "dumb stuff" and if in fact you are a cheater, you never know when your due date will surface.  For even the best "Players" with the best laid plans, sometimes even they "Fall down!"  But why cheat in the first place?  
Many men have been "in love" at least once; sadly it is usually not with their spouse.  Many have fallen victim to what I call “Chasing 7th Grade!”  We were young, fell in love and were hurt, all of this during our most formative years.  After that many men vowed to never love like that again.  Sure we love but many of us our not in love, which makes us vulnerable and susceptible to having affairs.  Some of us just can’t help it.  Even after we get caught in our dastardly deeds, we get right back on that bucking horse and say to ourselves, "This time, I’m going to do it differently!”
Statistics show that 1 in 4 men cheat.  This ratio is the same amount for people who have herpes.  Maybe this is where the disease flourishes.  Being a "Player" a "Ladies Man" is not a sport for everyone!  Only a select few can handle the physical restraints, man-hours and money that it involves.   Through it all, limit the emotional attachment, being able to cut ties when it fizzles out.  Novices get exposed fairly quickly as they get caught up in the excitement of it all and become too relaxed.  Many start falling in love and have a heart that can only love one way, with one person, unable to be split into thirds and survive.  Also, some become voracious with the cheating appetite.  Tiger Woods would be an example of a bad "Player" and "Ladies Man."
Tiger was basically sheltered due to eating and breathing the sport of golf.  He was not used to all of this attention from women!  After his father died, it was like Mike Tyson without Cus D'Amato, having no mentors, just an entourage full of "yes" people. They are now free to be and do what they want to do.  This freedom along with youth and wealth usually does not go well with the marital arrangement and cheating is inevitable.
One would think with all their money especially someone like Tiger Woods who has developed a reputation based on being "squeaky clean" if he was considering having an affair, confidentiality contracts would be readily available!  That way he and others alike could say, "Yeah, we can mess around, but I’m going to need for your “John Hancock” on this document.  So sign here…sign here and initial here!"  However, that is usually far from the case, as we become love struck and over confident that everything will work out in our web of deceit.
The main thing that many cheaters do is having trust in the very person that they are having the affair with, thinking that they have "our back” so to speak.  When in actuality they are dirty, sneaky and can be conniving and vindictive on a moments notice! 
So many times we get too comfortable.  We sit back, smoke a cigar and recline in our "La-Z-Boy" affair.  So comfortable that we stop using our cell phone during peak hours and have them call our homes when our wife is gone shopping, or at work.  So many times we get too comfortable.  We even invite them in our homes to add even more excitement to the sordid affair.  So comfortable we will perform explicit acts while our children are napping in the other room.  Even have unprotected sex and then go home and give our spouses the sloppy seconds!  We trust this person that we are gallivanting with!  We may even love them! That is until they get pissed off and want to "Blow your cover!"  No need for a free people search because they know everything about us!   They can now call your house direct and ask for your wife by her first name.
Tiger Woods, as well as many other superstars, due to their impulsive thinking controlled by their loins tend to get too comfortable.  They forget how the most sweet, kind and beautiful person can transform into a jealous, money grubbing, back-stabber over night!  Especially when they find out that you are not leaving your wife.
I have to admit when I heard the news of the Tiger Woods "transgressions" I said to myself, "Good for-'em!"  I felt this way not because he cheated on his wife, but for two other reasons.  It has been widely rumored that Tiger Woods despite being of mixed races shies away from his Blackness. Wikipedia states that Woods is 50.0% Asian, 25.0% Black, 12.5% Caucasian and 12.5% Indian.  Because of this he calls himself Cablinasian.
Woods has been quoted saying "Calling my self Black would mean denying my mother, who is not Black but Asian.  In fact, I am both… Truthfully, I feel very fortunate and equally proud to be both African American and Asian.”  Now that being said, I rarely hear anything from him coming from the "Black hand side."  His 25% Black qualifies him for the old "One Drop Rule” as well and compliance with the "Jim Crow Law" percentage to be called a Negro!  Furthermore in America where we are superficial and stereotypical and firm believers that if walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's labeled as a duck and he looks like a Black one!  Whether he wants to be or not, I'm sure he feels pretty Black right now!  Much Blacker than he ever felt after racist comments by fellow golfer Fuzzy Zoeller and the Golf Channels Kelly Tilghman. 
The other reason that I said to myself "Good for-'em" was because it appears that he only dates non-Blacks.  All of his mistresses, did you notice that they were all White?  I mean his wife is already as pale-faced as one could be, you would have thought he would have had a “sista” in there somewhere!  But these White women didn't even have on black pants!
When you add these interracial swirl relationships to the mix, it becomes that more enticing to the salivating news media and its groupies.  The Kobe Bryant and O.J Simpson scandals trust me would not have gained the world wide attention if the women involved had names like Shaquela, Alexus and Desania.
Few Black men have complaints with Tiger because they like White women too!  But no one hates to see a Black man holding hands with a White woman, especially a prominent Black man, other than a Black woman.  Almost 70% of Black women are single.  Their choices are already decreased by "jail-birds" and gays, what’s left are married guys and ‘Players” who both are working the field!
Some White people I believe have taken issue as well.  Think about it, you take the time to create and/or steal a sport that is for you and only your elite club.  Then another member of a desolated ethnicity group comes in and “Grand Slams,” “Game, Set, Match,” “Reverse dunks,” “Hole-in-One” and does the “Chicken walk” in the in zone!  Oh and did I forget to mention that he takes your supposed pure as the driven snow woman as well!
Here is where the “Good for-‘em” philosophy reveals itself.  In each of these situations Black and White people alike in the closet say to themselves, “Well Good for-‘em!  Serves him right!  He should not have been messing with those White women in the first place!”
Now granted, the cases involving Kobe and O.J were more serious situations like rape and murder and the awareness of domestic violence.  Now that makes one wonder, why is Tiger’s wife not in jail for domestic violence?  I guarantee you if Tiger would have allegedly hit her with a golf club, he would be braiding hair in prison right now!  But here again, the “Good for-‘em" monster reappears, as many women say “Good for-‘em!  Serves him right!  She should have beaten the crap out of him!”  
Men can cheat on women all the day long and expect no repercussions what so ever.  However, if they cheat on us, we become enormously embarrassed, voraciously vindictive and then it's "Hey Joe" where you going with that gun in your hand?
When women catch us cheating some may forgive, but they will never forget.  They will want to know your "GPS" whereabouts constantly.  Chris Rock says it best with the following examples of a redeemed cheater on his cell phone with his wife, "I'm at the store" and "I'm leaving the store" "There is a dog and the dog is chasing me!"  He also says that every time you are with them they bring up questions about your affair "Did you make a right turn when you was with that chick?  From now on only make left turns!"
Tiger Woods is known for his hot temper and quick outbursts when on his job.  This goes with another philosophy that I have always believed.  Men who are tyrants at work are gentle kitty cats at home!  This is why they are so mean when they come to work!  This is the only place where they can have some form of control.  Now those nice easy going guys at work, you had better watch’em and you better take your shoes off when you come in their house!
It is evident that the fist clinching, hot headed Tiger Woods was in fear for his life from his not your stereotypical, bowing down White submissive wife.  This one he knows does not play and will beat the heck out of you!  This was portrayed on “Saturday Night Live” and other comedy shows as well!   
I would be concerned for his wife, but rumor has it she renewed her prenuptials and has had a substantial amount of forgiveness funding placed in her account.  So really, she has been bought and paid for!  Sure she may be hurt and embarrassed but nothing eases ones pain more than a new Benz!  Heck most men would have no problem putting some extra money in their wives account whenever they have a "transgression!"  Which in essence says "I will not forget, but I will forgive…for a price!
So I guess the most important concern here is for the children, who are completely innocent when it comes to affairs.  We may secretly know that our daddy is a low down dirty cheating dog, but to be able to Yahoo, Goggle and Wikipedia search and find all the details of his marital indiscretions has to do something to the child's psyche.
Life is not short, as many people say.   It's long and can be very long if you make the right decisions.  We have to do all that we can to safeguard our heart, mind as well as our commitments.  We should want to be the most alert, and quickest on and off our feet.  Our speed can reflect how people view us and remember us when we are gone.
The non-famed Cincinnati Reds baseball player Pete Rose who will not be remembered for his over 4,000 hits or his 14,000 at bats, but his gambling on the very sport that he loved. Maybe just a little too much.  Just as it will be hard for the corporation that is Tiger Woods to not be remember for his being the youngest player to ever win the “Masters” and his price tag of being the highest paid golfer on and of the greens.  But simply put for just being a man, a weak greedy man, who failed to realize that under the right or wrong circumstances “We all Fall Down!”

I will be going on hiatus for several months as I will be focusing on completing my new book "I'm Still Sane!  But Crazier than Ever!" scheduled for release in the spring of 2010 as well as tweaking my various screenplays.  I would like to personally thank all of my readers who have made me laugh and forever keep me inspired!  I will see you in a couple of months.
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