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No, he was never homeless like so many Black rags to riches stories start off nowadays.  He was born of a middle class family, back when middle class existed and meant that you did not shop at discount stores, or at least you would not admit to it!  Despite living comfortably, he still had issues with life. He ended up developing several ulcers prior to the age of sixteen!  Under doctors orders he began to therapeutically write out his problems. He dived head first into topics dealing with being right-winged and how he was anti-abortion, anti-hyphenated names, anti-daycare, anti-cornrows and braids, anti-homosexual, anti-interracial marriage, anti-shacking up, anti-body-piercing and tramp stamps, anti-little boys and grown men with earrings, anti using the word “fruition,” anti-telling people that you are an undecided voter, anti taking your shirt off to cut the grass, whew! He’s just plain ole anti, anti!  He wrote about problems with religion, relationships, peer pressure, racism, and the repercussions of a society with too much freedom.  Before he knew it, he had piles upon piles of verbal expressions.  He slowly but surely began to compile them together laying the foundation for a book.  Eventually some of his writings were published in a few newspapers and he won several poetry contests.

After publishing his first book “Perfectly Sane” consisting of short-stories and poetry and its forthcoming predecessor “I’m Still Sane” this mentally stable author has since delved into the world of screenwriting, columnist work, short-film and teaching.  All these ventures have provided many radio and television interviews along the way.  Please peruse the site and enjoy learning more about this writer of life!
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Herb Bias, Robert Banks
& David Woodall
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"I have a few creative ideas, just like everyone else.  But when I realized that "I' have to have my own money for "my" projects was when action took place.  Depending on others to help me get my "Cadillac Dreams" never worked for me..."

Darryl E. McCullough
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